Why Us?

All our Microsoft Access based apps feature the following (These will answer the “Why Us?” question):

Error Handling

Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes it happens because there was a misunderstanding between the client and the developer. Sometimes it happens because the user did something unexpected. It can even happen when the third party file that the app uses unexpectedly changes…
All this is fine if you catch the error and deal with it appropriately. The problems arise when errors happen but are not caught before they do damage.
All our apps handle any errors if and when the happen.

Audit Trail

Somebody accidentally changed the currency in your app from GBP to USD. Disaster! Ok, first thing you need to know is when was the mistake made…? This is where an audit trail comes in handy. Something gets changed. Maybe it should have been changed or maybe it should not, either way your app will make a note of when the change was made and who by.

The accountants love this feature but so does everybody else when something goes wrong and you need to know how far to go back to fix it…

Automatic backups

Someone has deleted the app! Or maybe the hard drive the app was on has died. Or maybe something else happened that means that your app is no longer available. No problem because the users always hit the backup button. Phew! Panic over. You do have a backup, right…? All our apps come with automatic backup on exit. What that means is that your precious data is backed up even if you forget to do it. Now the panic really is over.

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