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We do custom software development and focus on simple to use, innovative solutions that help your business thrive.

Look at Google.  One box to type text into, one button to click.  Behind the scenes, it’s very sophisticated but for the user, there is one box and one button…  We love that simplicity and elegance and strive to do the same for our clients.

Our expert team is ready to help you reduce the number of routine decisions you need to make and the repetitive tasks you and your staff need to do.

Trusting hands

Custom software development, step by step


Tell us what you need

We will help you find a easier way of doing them using custom built software that perfectly matches the way you do business.


We develop your new solution

We first write he user guide for your new software.  When you are happy with the way it will look, we start coding.


Enjoy your new, easier, faster way of doing things

Your new software will be delivered and look exactly as expected so you can start using it from the day it arrives.  No surprises.

our services

Combine multiple Excel files into one Access app

Enhancing your current Access apps

Creating new custom Access apps

our Approach

We work a little differently to most people...

For a start, we love simplicity.  Simple things are easier to use and so people are more likely to use them. 

So, how do we work?

Why Us?


Microsoft Access has been around for a long time but that’s simply because it works.  We aim to always be improving the way we use it and our aim is to make systems so easy to use that users never need to read the user guide.

Over 20 Years of Experience

You do not last long in business without being good at what you do.  We started in October 2002…


All our user experience (UX) (what we used to the “Front-end” or the “graphical user interface”) and our developers (we used to be called “programmers”…) are great at what they do and work hard to keep our clients happy.

Standard, not add-ons

All our Microsoft Access based apps feature the following:

  • Error handling
  • Audit Trail
  • Automatic Backup

every small to medium sized entity. every industry.

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