how we work

We work a little differently to most people. For a start, we love simplicity. Simple things are easier to use and so people are more likely to use them. Remember that week long course you did to learn how to find things using Google? Nobody does because that course does not exist. There’s no need for it as Google is so easy to use. But most people use Google on a regular basis…

The second thing we do differently is work backwards. We do this so that you know what you will get before you actually get it. Explaining what you want is often not easy so we make sure we understand before we get too far down the road. Waiting for weeks for an exciting new app and then finding your developer completely misunderstood what you want is not good. Nobody wins. Annoyed client because you did not get what you wanted and annoyed developer because they think you did not explain what you wanted and they wasted so much time developing something you don’t want. Nobody wins…

So, how do we work?

Here are the steps:

Free consultation & UX design

There are two ways to start. You can work out for yourself what you and therefore calculate the price using our simple, flat pricing model. Alternatively, you can request a free consultation with us and get to the same point.  Either way, we will discuss your requirements until we both feel we understand each other.

You will pay £500 + VAT to get the work started

Making sure we understand you

We create a user guide, a data dictionary and a test plan. Yes, you read that correctly. You will get a user guide complete with (wireframe) screenshots and instructions on how to use the app (after it has been developed). The data dictionary will show you where each piece of data (words, numbers, dates etc) shown in the user guide comes from and how it is calculated. The test plan will show you various tests that you will do on the app to check it works as you want it to.

You will carefully check these documents. Now is the time to point out any misunderstandings so will have a second call (usually on Zoom) so we understand other correctly. 

If something needs to be changed then we will update the documents and send them back to you.

When you happy with the documents, email us with your approval and pay us half what is left to pay (that is, half of the agreed price after subtracting the initial £500 you have already paid).

Application development

We will then start work actually developing your app

When we have finished it, we will send it to you

You will test it (including running all the tests in the test plan). This is for your benefit not ours as we will have already run all the agreed tests before we send you the app

Sign off. Congratulations! You have a great new solution

You sign off the app and pay us the remaining money owed.

Your included support begins (unlimited and free for any bug fixes.  Enhancements may incur additional costs)

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