Flat, Simple Pricing

Most software developers charge by the hour / day.  Many use a fixed price based on a quote after hearing what the client wants.  Both of these pricing methods are fine but it makes it difficult for you to know how much you are going to be charged for the work we will do for you.

We do it differently.

When it comes to Access development pricing, we charge according to the amount of work you want and you can easily calculate this without even asking us.  To do this, think about what you want to see on the reports and output files you want and on the screens / forms you want.  Add up the number of fields and multiply the result by 60 to get your price in Pounds Sterling.  You will need to add VAT to that number.  That’s it.  I said we like to keep things simple… 

A question we sometimes we get asked is “What is a field?”. Fields come in two basic types.  You have single items and columns of data.  For example, you might have a form where you need to enter your date of birth.  This is a single item since everyone only has one date of birth.  Alternately, imagine a table of data.  You will probably have column headings with a a column of data under each.  Perhaps like a train timetable.  The column of stations where the train stops would be one field.  So to calculate the price of your new system, add up all the sing item fields (like date of birth) and all the column headings (like the station names) and you will have your number of fields.

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